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What Happens During a Fall Clean-Up?


Fall is here and with it comes the stray leaves that can pile up so quickly in your yard if you don’t get them cleaned up. As a provider of lawn care in Swansea, Illinois we offer fall season cleaning services to maintain the condition of our clients’ landscaping.

For landscaping in Illinois, this fall clean up usually includes the following:

  • Cutting back the tall perennial grass
    Tall perennial grass taller than 3 feet can become a mess by winter so they are cut down by fall to maintain a neat look.
  • Pruning the trees and plants
    Dead and dying branches are removed from woody ornamental plants while trees are left it a bit more trees to help them survive the winter.
  • Leaf removal in drainage inlets/outlets
    Leaves can pile up, suffocate the turf, and clog up the drainage. You can avail of a drainage cleaner to easily take care of this problem.
  • Preventing weed seed germination
    Leaving around seeds in the fall can result in weeds come spring.

Is your yard in need of a fall clean-up? We at Herbs Outdoor Service can take care of it for you!

We also offer clean-ups for spring, lawn maintenance, and snow removal to ensure that your yard looks picturesque.

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