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How Often Should You Get Your Lawn Maintained?


There is no one formula when it comes to setting up a schedule to mow your lawn. Your lawn maintenance may depend on several factors including the type of grass you have and the season you are mowing it. As a provider of Landscaping in Illinois we ensure that your lawn is cut at the right times and to the proper height to prevent brown spots, weak roots, and burnt grass.

Here are some factors we consider when it comes to Lawn Care in Swansea, Illinois:

  • The length of your grass
    You may need more preparation to maintain short grass and this will need to be mowed more often. Longer grass has better-established roots and you can stick to a schedule where you mow the grass only when it gets too long. Never mow more than 1/3 of the length off in a single cutting to prevent stress on the grass.
  • The season
    You need to mow your grass more often during the growing season. This may mean weekly mowing depending on the type of grass in your lawn. Cool-season grass grows during the spring and fall. You should avoid mowing when the lawn is wet because this can damage your mower and cause bare spots.

Proper lawn mowing that brings out the lush and healthy look to your lawn requires proper planning. We at Herbs Outdoor Service can take care of your landscaping for you to ensure that your lawn is more picturesque than ever. We also offer a wide range of landscaping services such as Aeration and Seeding.

The changes in the seasons can bring about clutter and changes to your lawn. We can conveniently handle clean-ups for fall, spring, and Snow Removal for you.

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