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We redesign, maintain, and clean your lawn.

Herbs Outdoor Service is your all-in-one company when it comes to landscaping, design, and lawn care in Swansea, Illinois. You call, we make it happen. As your complete outdoor services provider, we have your entire yard covered. From lawn maintenance to total yard renovations and everything in between, we can do the job in a timely manner, with precision and convenience.

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We can redesign existing yards or landscape for new construction. We’ll be with you all the way from designing to construction.

Pavers and Walls

We can design or redesign your curb appeal by creatively choosing and utilizing materials for your pavers and walls. Whatever design you have in mind for your outdoor space, we’ll make it happen.

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Make your garden look more attractive by keeping your soil cool and moist, free of weeds. Get started with your mulch installation today! Call us.

Aeration & Seeding

Keep your garden appeal attractive, or make it more picturesque than ever using aeration, wherein we open up your lawn and allow more air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the rootzone and cultivate healthier and deeper root growth in your garden. We can also enhance your garden’s beauty through seeding by hand, hydroseeding, or other options you might prefer.


You can call us anytime if you wish to install drainage or have it checked for maintenance and care.

Holiday Lights

You can trust our artistic skills in decorating your yard with lights for the holidays.

Fall & Spring Clean Ups

Leaves falling during Fall, make your yard a little cluttered. Often, these leaves may hinder fresh buds from blooming during Spring. That’s why we do clean-ups during these seasons.

Make your yard stay picturesque time after time, season after season. Allow our expert hands to clean up your lawn.

Tree & Bush Trimming

When trees and bushes reach the limit of their height, they can obscure the beauty of your lawn. So, to keep your lawn decluttered and attractive, we do tree and bush trimming. Call today for appointments.

Snow & Ice Removal

Don’t let a pile of snow and ice cause you inconveniences and conceal the beauty of your outdoor space. Arrange a snow and ice removal with us today!