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The Importance of Having a Drainage System in Your Yard


Drainage systems are often overlooked, but they are tremendously important in the overall landscape design. It consists of piping buried underground that keeps water away from your landscaping. Depending on the yard and the number of problem areas, you may need an intense drainage system.

As a provider of lawn care in Swansea, Illinois, we are experts when it comes to maintaining your yard. Below are some of the most important reasons for installing a drainage system on your lawn:

  • Drainage systems prevent soil erosion.
    Soil moves in different areas of your yard when it rains. This is called soil erosion. Over time, this may result in unavoidable issues with soil depth and lead to major damage to your landscaping.
  • Drainage systems prevent standing water.
    Standing water drowns your landscaping causing it to look unsightly and attract mosquitoes. It also creates slippery surfaces that are dangerous and might cause accidents.
  • Drainage systems prevent water damage.
    Aside from damaging your landscaping, improper drainage also damages your home’s foundation. Water can flow through your lawn much faster and thus force its way through cracks in your walls during storms.

If you need a drainage installer, look no further than Herbs Outdoor Service.

We offer services such as drainage installation, aeration, and landscaping in Illinois, among many others. We aim to assist our clients in designing, cleaning, and maintaining their beloved lawns. Rest assured that we will deliver our services with utmost efficiency.

We also offer snow removal services to help you get rid of the remainder of winter. Don’t let any inconvenience hide the beauty of your lawn. Give us a call today!

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