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Learn the Most Popular Types of Grass in the U.S.


Whether you want to change up your lawn or start engaging in more landscaping in Illinois, there are several grass types available in the market today. This can make it overwhelming to choose the right type of grass. This usually depends on where you live and how much maintenance you would like to do.

As a business specializing in landscape maintenance, we will discuss the most popular grass types available in the country:

  • Bermuda Grass
    Choosing the right grass type is just as important as snow removal. Bermuda grass is a popular option not only for golf courses but for homes as well. This grass is ideal for warm climates and offers a dense and deep green texture and color. However, it requires high maintenance and is ideal for high-traffic yards with pets and kids.
  • Dichondra
    Dichondra is another popular grass type and is easy to identify due to its little, round leaves. This is ideal for warm climates and offers a dense and pale or bright green texture and color. This grass type offers dense ground cover while offering the option to mow it like traditional types of grass.
  • Ryegrass
    Ryegrass is ideal for cool climates and requires medium maintenance. It offers a soft and dark green texture and color and is considered a fast-growing grass. They are usually easier to maintain in cooler states and germinate quickly for fast growth.

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