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The Hidden Dangers of Piled-up Snow


During frigid conditions, snow piles and bundles up in our yards that are a few feet tall but most of us don’t seem to think twice about them loitering the winter landscape. Do you know how dangerous a snow pile can be? What may seem like innocent winter fun can potentially be hazardous enough to necessitate immediate Snow Removal. Here’s why:

  • Although they may look hard and sturdy, snow piles often contain soft spots or pockets of air that can lead to small sinkholes. Children or pets playing near or exactly where piles are located can get trapped by a collapsed pile and result in hypothermia.
  • Piles can bury stop signs, fire hydrants, street corners, driveways, ramparts, and other parts especially in the event of a snow storm. Obviously, this can be cause for trouble. It’s very difficult for drivers to see over them. They should be kept as far away from entry and exit points or frequently accessible locations otherwise a bit of Yard Renovation is in order.
  • Ice melts which makes your place damp and wet or extremely slick and slippery. You wouldn’t want to wait to let the sun dissipate them. If possible, snow piles should always be placed as close as possible near a drain to channel the water as it melts which also means you should double-check your Drainage Cleaner.

Is snow causing unsafe conditions in your place? Be cautious about which areas snow gathers. Ring up Lawn Care in Swansea, Illinois as soon as you can.

For a reliable provider of snow removal services, you can contact Herbs Outdoor Service. We also do everything from Landscaping in Illinois, Aeration and Seeding, Fall and Spring Clean Ups, to Tree and Bush Trimming.

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