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Preparing Your Lawn for Winter and Protecting Your Grass


Your lawn will soon be finished growing for the year as Jack-O-Lanterns, and pumpkin spice will be replaced with cornucopias, holiday lights, and sleigh bells. Because your grass will be less active during the next few months, it will require less upkeep, but winter lawn care is still required.

Your professional provider of landscaping in Illinois suggests some tips you should do to protect your grass in winter so your lawn will be healthy come springtime.

  • Spot-treat lawn weeds and diseases.
    It’s a good idea to have herbicides treated to any weedy patches when preparing your lawn for winter. Weed problems can only worsen if ignored, so take care of them now, so you don’t have to deal with them next year.
  • Don`t stress the grass.
    Heavy snowfall will put a strain on the vegetation. To avoid causing harm to the lawn, avoid stepping on it. When shoveling snow, use a calcium chloride-based mixture that is less hazardous.
  • Clear your yard of objects and debris.
    To make leaf and snow removal easier, clear the yard before the first frost. When raking over frozen grass, you may unintentionally rip up the turf. You can hire a professional lawn care service to aid you with tree and bush trimming.
  • Winterize your lawnmower.
    The act of repairing and properly storing your lawnmower at the end of the mowing season is referred to as winterizing.

Need assistance with your lawn care in Swansea, Illinois? Herbs Outdoor Service is here to help you achieve the gorgeous lawn you’ve always wanted, no matter what time of year it is. Call us right now at 618-580-0837 for a lawn care evaluation or to set up an appointment.

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