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Why Your Lawn or Garden Needs Aeration


Lawn Care in Swansea, Illinois, is more than just mowing, watering, fertilizing, and tending to the grass on your lawn. You also need to take care of the soil to have a lush, green, and picturesque lawn. Why so?

A lawn, specifically the grass and soil, also need air to breathe, [so to speak]. It is even more necessary when you frequently step or walk on your lawns. Foot traffic can make the soil compact, making it difficult for the grass’s roots, nutrients, water, and air to reach deep. That is why Aeration and Seeding can benefit your grass.

As your reliable provider of Landscaping in Illinois, we encourage you to consider aerating. It entails removing small plugs of soil. Doing this helps support the growth of your turfgrass by relieving the compaction of soil, allowing for the roots to grow deeper, thicker. It is even more necessary, especially when the type of soil is more clay-like.

Additionally, lawn aeration also promotes effectiveness and absorption should you choose to use treatments and fertilizers. Aerating can also help the water to infiltrate into the soil. As a result, there is less pooling into puddles, and there is less runoff into your sidewalks or driveway.

When you need professional help with aerating your lawn, you can rely on us at Herbs Outdoor Service to do this for you. Additionally, when you need Snow Removal after getting heavy snowfall, allow us to do it for you too!

Don’t forget to check out our different services for your outdoor or yard needs. You can trust us, from designing pavers and walls to trimming bushes and trees. Get in touch with us at 618-580-0837!

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