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Tips on Maintaining Your Lawn Mower


Doing lawn maintenance can often be a daunting task if your trusty lawn mower were to break down and be rendered unusable. Sure, you’d be able to cut the grass manually with scissors and other tools but it would probably take a tremendous amount of time, patience, and effort!

Keeping in mind the vast number of lawn mower varieties, it can often be difficult to check on the different parts of the machine and figure out what’s wrong. With this in mind, Herbs Outdoor Service, a company that provides services such as lawn care in Swansea, Illinois, has gathered a couple of useful tips for lawn mower maintenance to help you!

  • Change the oil regularly – oil serves as a lubricant and a coolant at the same time
  • Disconnect the spark plug – replacing the spark plug annually can ensure your mower starts up easily, but removing it when not using it is a good idea too! It prevents it from accidentally starting up
  • Clean the mower – cleaning the mower from any debris and grass on the undercarriage helps it perform more efficiently
  • Sharpen the blades – regardless of your lawn being clear from any objects that might dull the blades, prolonged usage without regular sharpening can wear the blades over time!

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