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Should You Top or Cut Down Your Trees?

should-you-top-or-cut-down-your-treesIf you’re wondering how to remove a tree from your property, these two solutions are frequently mentioned: topping and cutting. However, there are significant distinctions between the two tree removal services, which result in diverse outcomes. Tree topping and chopping are effective strategies for removing a tree from your property. However, let us discuss the distinctions and which is ideal for you.

Tree topping entails removing the tree’s top part, known as the leader, as well as its top stems. If you want to use tree topping to prune or change your landscape. We recommend cutting it down completely.

As a trusted company for landscaping in Swansea, Illinois, we understand that tree topping can permanently disfigure or destroy a tree. Because the top portion of the tree is gone, the majority of the tree’s food sources (the leaves) are also eliminated. In addition, topped trees are more prone to breakage and pest infestation, which can eventually infect nearby plants.

Topped trees can sometimes be an eyesore in your garden. Topping causes large wounds that heal slowly and serve as entry points for insects and disease organisms. These gaps also allow strong sunlight to enter the central parts of the tree, causing sunscald, cracks, and peeling bark.

Do yourself a favor and hire a Herbs Outdoor Service to advise you on what’s ideal for your garden. Our company also offers snow removal in Swansea, Illinois, which is especially useful for the heavy winter months.

We provide tree removal and landscaping services to make your home look like a million dollars, even on a budget. Contact us today for a fall clean up in Swansea, Illinois!

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